Though democracy is under attack in some states, there has never been a better time to be a Virginia voter. As a Delegate, I've helped Virginia become a nationwide leader in convenient voting and end gerrymandering so that voters have a real voice in our elections.

Here’s what’s next on our reform agenda:

restore voting rights

Virginia needs a constitutional amendment to automatically restore voting rights after incarceration so that Governors don't play politics with essential civil rights.

ranked-choice voting

I passed the law that now permits ranked-choice voting in local elections, which Arlington County will use for the first time this year. With more successful local pilots, we can scale up ranked-choice voting to state and federal offices in the years to come.

campaign finance reform

It's long past time to cap campaign contributions, prohibit corporate donations, and promote public financing to level the playing field in public service.

National Popular Vote

15 states have joined the interstate compact to pledge their presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote. It's the most practical thing we can do to ensure every voter in every state has a real voice in choosing our country's top leader.

relaxing the Dillon rule

Local governments need more flexibility to tackle problems year-round without waiting on our part-time legislature for permission. Here are some practical ways we can loosen the Dillon Rule reins in Richmond.

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