The climate crisis is already here, and we need leaders who invest in clean energy at the pace that the planet requires. That's why I've led a new wave of legislators in reforming our energy industry from the ground up. I've helped Virginia end coal subsidiescut energy costs, and crack down on the undue influence of corporate lobbyists in Richmond. And I've always been a watchdog for industrial efforts to cut corners in protecting our air, water, and native species.

climate cabinet

Though Virginia has made meaningful progress on climate policy in the last four years, the Senate has always set the pace for progress and bottlenecked urgent reforms. That's why our new district has to send a climate leader to the Senate. I've earned a lifetime perfect voting record with the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, an A+ from the Climate Cabinet, and I'm proud to be endorsed by 3.14 Action, which supports the urgent work of electing STEM leaders to public office.

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