Gun Violence

Guns are now the leading cause of death for children nationwide, and each week brings new devastating threats and losses here at home. Grappling with the many forms of gun violence we face takes proven leaders who aren't afraid to put our health and safety first.

When I was first elected in 2019, Democrats flipped the House for the first time in a generation, and my new colleagues and I got right to work on gun safety. We passed long overdue reforms, like universal background checks for all gun sales. We created extreme risk protection orders to remove guns from people in crisis and restricted firearm access for people convicted of domestic violence. And we finally restored Virginia's ban on bulk handgun buying to slow the flood of cheap firearms to our streets.

But there's so much more we need to do. My top priorities include:

banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines

10 states restrict assault weapons and Virginia had our chance in 2020, when my House colleagues and I passed a ban that was defeated in the Senate. We won't give up. No one needs weapons of war on our streets.

child-safe storage

When six-year olds are shooting teachers with guns they got at home, it's long past time we mandate secure storage of firearms and hold adults accountable for leaving guns unlocked near kids.

community violence intervention funding

Defusing violence before it starts requires deep relationships with credible community leaders. Virginia should fund local violence intervention programs to empower leaders closest to the frontlines and lives lost.

empowering victims to sue gun companies

Federal law protects gun manufacturers from civil liability, but states don't have to offer the same shield. That's why states are stepping up to empower citizens to sue the companies putting profits over people's lives.

strengthen gun safety protections for intimate partner violence

Though we made progress in my first term, Virginia’s laws still have lots of loopholes in protecting victims of domestic and dating partner violence. Learn more about the ways we can better keep firearms out of dangerous hands.

Share your priorities here.

Serious progress on gun safety requires broad community engagement. I hope you'll share your proposals and priorities with me.