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As an educator, I know strong schools are the backbone of a strong community, but we’ve asked ours to do too much with too little for far too long. I’ll be a champion for all our students and the resources they need to thrive. Let’s…

  • raise salaries for teachers and the vital staff in all our schools
  • expand universal pre-kindergarten so that every child gets a strong start
  • invest in the arts and after-school programs that keep kids engaged
  • provide apprenticeships and technical training for modern careers
  • restore state support for public colleges to reverse rising tuition prices

As an economist, I know these programs cost money. Good schools are worth it. I’ll work to fund them by… 

  • supporting a progressive income tax overhaul
  • closing loopholes and carve-outs that tip the scales for big business
  • shoring up our corporate tax code so that companies that do business in Virginia pay their fair share back

We need reformers in Richmond to ensure public safety and dismantle mass incarceration, and we made serious progress in 2020:

  • We empowered civilian review boards to investigate complaints so that residents have a real say in policing.
  • We decriminalized marijuana and restored access to essential public programs for Virginians with prior drug convictions.
  • We ended the jury penalty that lets prosecutors bully guilty pleas from innocent defendants.

But there’s no shortage of work to be done. We need to…

  • legalize marijuana, end the War on Drugs, and expunge past convictions
  • overhaul the poverty trap of bail, fines, and fees
  • empower public defenders with the resources they need to serve every client well

We need leaders who invest in clean energy at the pace that climate change requires, and we took big steps in 2020:

  • We joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to ratchet down emissions.
  • We invested in utility scale-solar and offshore wind turbines.
  • We empowered small-scale producers to compete with big utilities by cutting red tape on renewables.

But there’s still so much to do. We need to…

  • end the construction of fracked gas pipelines
  • expand mass transit with busses and railways
  • turbo-charge incentives for energy efficiency and electrification
  • stop the sweetheart deals that pad fossil fuel investors while Virginians foot the bill

Medicaid expansion was a huge first step, but too many people still lack quality care. That work was urgent before COVID-19. Even more so now. With so much still uncertain in DC, we need states to keep stepping up. Let’s…

  • get our frontline health care providers the supplies they need to combat COVID-19
  • empower state regulators to fight for fair premiums
  • launch a public option on our state exchange so we can all afford insurance no matter where we work
  • ensure every patient’s right to reproductive care

Our housing shortage is straining so many families: first-time homebuyers and long-time residents, local renters and commuting workers. With more funding and flexibility from Richmond, local leaders can expand housing options for everyone who calls our community home. Let’s…

  • protect renters from unjust and unlawful evictions
  • permit inclusionary zoning to promote affordable construction
  • invest in the state housing trust fund to develop new homes and repair older ones
  • promote progressive state income taxes so localities aren’t forced to lean so hard on homeowners for revenue

Virginia used to be the bottom of the barrel when it came to ballot access. We’re now a national leader thanks to expanded early voting and automatic registration. Here’s what’s next on our reform agenda:

  • Make voting more convenient with same-day registration and expanded vote-by-mail.
  • Adopt ranked-choice voting to promote competitive elections and end partisan gridlock.
  • Ban corporate campaign contributions and promote public financing so that politicians put voters before donors.
  • Enshrine voting rights and pre-clearance in our state constitution so Virginia voters are protected no matter who has power in DC.