Reproductive Health Care

With abortion rights under attack, we need leaders who are more than just pro-choice. I'm the only candidate in this race who has written and passed legislation to secure abortion access. I earned NARAL Virginia's "Defender of Choice" award for my work to expand insurance coverage for abortion care, and I've fought to ensure survivors of sexual assault are never denied contraception they need.

In the State Senate, I'll keep working to secure the full range of reproductive health care that we all deserve:

abortion rights

Virginia needs a constitutional amendments to protect abortion rights for the long haul. We can't have our fundamental freedoms at risk in every election.


Everyone deserves safe, affordable, and convenient contraception options. I'll continue to support state funding for long-acting reversible contraception (like IUDs) and protect pharmacists' authority to prescribe birth control.

pre- and post-natal care

Expecting parents should be able to choose the care team that best meets their needs: doctors, doulas, midwives, and more. Virginia should continue to expand state support for the full-range of certified providers.

paid family leave

Parents need time to recover from pregnancy and help their newborns get a strong start. It's high-time Virginia joins the states that ensure every worker has paid family leave.

Read more of my work on reproductive care: